Digit has notched up more than 14 years in business, built an impressive network of over 115 active franchise operations across South Africa and plan to double this capacity in the next five years.  Today, GPS and cellular communications form part of every day life, so understanding the basis of the technology employed by Digit is not complex, but it is the advanced features they offer that place them at the forefront of this ever-developing technology.

Who are we

We Specialize in

Digit Fleet and Fuel Management provide a full spectrum of digital solutions for the logistics, trucking and consumer market to reduce loss or mitigate risk. Digit’s high-end technology offers superb quality hardware ranging from Mobile DVR systems to allow video recording and live streaming of vehicles, drivers and occupants. The product range has also been extended to include the renowned DFuel system which is a comprehensive fuel measuring solution that monitors fuel levels in vehicles and storage facilities, to control and reduce fuel theft. It is capable of reporting fuel levels live, 24 hours a day, with updates arriving at your desktop within mere seconds after being measured.

Delivery to burn


When fuel is delivered to your premises have actual digital proof of the delivery amount. You can verify any discrepancies with your supplier minutes after delivery.


When fuel is dispensed you will have all fuel flowing out of your main bowser on record. In agri- cultural industries a rebate can be requested from SARS using a report generated to prove fuel was used for agricultural purposes.


Monitoring usage on your vehicles can show many things. Drivers driving your vehicles harder will have worse fuel consumption than those driving well. Maintenance issues can also be picked up with heavy fuel usage.